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Direct Admit Scholarship Opportunities


Direct Admit Opportunities

The University offers direct admit options for highly qualified first-time freshmen that lead to advanced degrees in UIW health professions programs including Optometry. A student who has earned a minimum high school GPA of 3.7 along with a minimum Math and Science GPA of 3.7 will qualify for the Direct Admit optometry program.  Additionally, to qualify for Direct Admit, a student must have earned a minimum SAT score of 1210 or an ACT score of 25.  Direct Admit students must also be prepared to begin pre-calculus in the 1st semester of their freshman year.  To qualify for pre-calculus, candidates are required to earn a minimum SAT math score of 550 or ACT math score of 22 along with a minimum grade of B in high school pre-calculus.  Students qualified for the Direct Admit Doctor of Optometry Program will be contacted with further information soon after receiving official notification of admission to the University.

Direct Admit Scholarships

The University offers a $2500 scholarship for those students who graduated from a Texas high school and are accepted into the direct admit program. Please note that these scholarships are offered to direct admit students from all UIW health professions disciplines. Please see additional details below.

UIW Direct Admit Scholarship:

Students who graduate and are admitted with the Direct Admit option will receive a $2500 scholarship per year for full-time study, renewable for up to eight years, as long as students are meeting the program requirements. 


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