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Brandi Stewart, O.D.

stewartSenior Clinical Instructor


Dr. Brandi Stewart is a licensed Therapeutic Optometrist and Optometric Glaucoma Specialist in the state of Texas. Her clinical specialties include Pediatrics, Vision Therapy, and Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation of Traumatic Brain Injury. Her faculty duties also include lecturing for Binocular Vision, Ocular Motility, and Neuroanatomy courses as well as facilitating the Neuroanatomy lab. Additionally, she is an investigator for the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group, an international collaboration of optometrists and ophthalmologists funded by the National Institute of Health to study treatment regimens for various developmental vision and ocular health disorders.

Dr. Stewart graduated valedictorian and summa cum laude from the University of the Incarnate Word Rosenberg School of optometry in 2014. Her clinical training included several months at the VAMC Minneapolis polytrauma unit and completion of a residency in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation at the Optometry Center for Vision Therapy. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology from the University of Texas at Austin in 2010.