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Randall S. Collins, O.D.


Assistant Professor

Dr. Collins was valedictorian of Interamerican University’s School of Optometry in 1989.  He spent 23 years in the US Air Force where he completed the USAF’s hospital-based optometry residency program and was named to a number of awards and honors, including Air Force Optometrist of the Year.  He has 16 papers, presentations, and published articles to his name on a variety of topics including retinal diseases, contact lenses, refractive error distribution and forensic science application of optical devices.  He was named as one of five finalists in the National Berry Prize, which recognizes outstanding contributions to medical science emanating from federal service.  Since joining the RSO faculty, Dr Collins has been the inaugural lead instructor of the courses Basic Contact Lenses and Advanced Contact Lenses.  He is the inaugural Residency Coordinator and was primarily responsible for the 7-year, full accreditation of the program, a feat not achieved by any of the other new schools of optometry.  He is the current Chief of the Bowden Eye and Health Center and serves as Chair of the Optometric CE Committee and serves on three others. In keeping with the UIW mission, he continues to serve actively in church and youth programs in the local and military base communities.

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