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Dr. Thien Tran '14

tranDr. Thien Tran is a proud graduate from the UIW Rosenberg School of Optometry class of 2014.  Following graduation, Dr. Tran completed a residency in Low Vision Rehabilitation in 2015. During his residency, he enjoyed working with many great mentors and optometrists in the field of Low Vision Rehabilitation.  His daily routines included performing exams on traumatic brain injury patients, special needs children, and visually impaired patients of all ages. Four months after completing the residency program, Dr. Tran obtained his Fellowship with the American Academy of Optometry in October of 2015.

As he considered his next endeavor, Dr. Tran came across a small office in Anaheim, CA where the former doctor was retiring. With the support of his wife, Dr. Tran recognized an opportunity to pursue a dream.  "The office needed a lot of work but we also saw  the potential for a complete renovation and making it our own," states Tran.  Following an extensive remodeling process, Dr. Tran officially open his doors, Iconic Vision Optometry in February of 2016.  The mission of Iconic Vision Optometry is  to deliver the highest quality eye care to patients in a comfortable and caring environment. With the UIWRSO mission in mind, Dr. Tran is proud to be serving local charities and help improve patients' lives by fulfilling their visual needs.

As he reflects on his UIWRSO experience, Dr. Tran appreciates the academic foundation provided and the platform to explore the different aspects of optometry.  "The professors provided me with great advice and UIWRSO provided me with many opportunities to network with people of the same interests.  After spending  four years with the faculty and specialists at UIWRSO, I knew that I plan to own a practice someday," recalls Tran.  Dr. Tran had not expected to manage a private practice this early in his career, however recognized the opportunity as a good fit, "Owning a practice has given me a lot of responsibilities. I have to learn to be my own boss, make decisions on my own, manage the way my patients are treated, and taking pride in providing the highest quality of care." 

Professional growth remains a focal point for Dr. Tran as he is a partner with Coastal Vision Medical Group and Retina of Orange County. Additionally, he serves as a member of the Infinity Vision Alliance in Orange County. Dr. Tran also spends time volunteering with Illumination and Kids Vision for Life in Orange County. Similar to community outreach initiatives he experienced at UIWRSO, Dr. Tran donates time to provide eye exams and glasses to the less fortunate.

As he looks down the road, Dr. Tran speaks of plans to continue serving the community of Anaheim, by partnering with more non-profit organizations in the area, such as Kids Vision for Life and Itranllumination Foundation. He has aspirations to expand the Low Vision Rehabilitation Program at his office.  In the long run, Dr. Tran wants to grow the practice to a place to manage and care for various type of ocular conditions including the visually impaired.

When asked about his experiences at UIWRSO, Tran responded, "There were so many great memories at RSO. Most of them included making friendships with my classmates and faculties, who have now become my colleagues and close friends. I can recall finishing the Tough Mudder with my classmates, going to the our annual Crawfish boil at Dr. Amir's home, and co-founded the Sport Vision Association (SVA).  But by far, the best memory had to be during our white coat ceremony when I proposed to my wife in front of our optometry class and my families (special thanks to Dr. Sandra Fortenberry, OD and Mrs. Kristine Benne)."

When he is not working in his practice, Dr. Tran prides himself on being an active person. He regularly plays tennis, basketball, golf, hike, and just recently completed his first half marathon.  In general, he enjoys any type of sports or activities that will keep him in shape.

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