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Dr. Byron Bonner '13

Since Graduation Dr. Bonner has had the opportunity to work for a few different doctors, some with two practice locations.  Right out of school he worked in a practice that specialized in pediatrics and vision therapy.  Dr. Bonner reflects back to the end of


1st year of optometry school when he identified his interest in working with children and performing vision therapy in the office and appreciates getting to start right out of school in a vision therapy clinic.  In addition to professional work at a vision therapy clinic, Dr. Bonner also practices at other retail locations (LensCrafter, EyeMart, Lasik Vision Institute, etc).   He is thankful to have worked in a few different office locations to learn what works, and more importantly what does not work and/or makes it challenging to have a successful practice.

Dr. Bonner recognizes that his RSO education, specifically the faculty and staff, prepared him to be confident with the knowledge that they were presenting and to always think critically. This skill has translated into being independent and needing to manage an array of patient needs as he is often the only doctor practicing in the office on a given day.  In addition, he feels these experiences have given him the confidence to want to open his own practice. As part of the inaugural RSO graduating class, Dr. Bonner felt going through the program was a lesson in itself as he developed the skills in patience and the ability to adapt to change.  His experience in approximately 7 different office settings, he speaks of the importance to learn to adapt to many things (i.e. patient demographic, staff, equipment, procedures etc.)  

To complement his academic and professional work, Dr. Bonner is part of the state association Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians. 

When asked to give advice to entering optometry students, Dr. Bonner emphasizes the importance of skills in time management.  Bonner suggests, “Without time management obstacles become larger than they truly are.  I am sure that if one has been accepted into optometry school then they have some idea about time management, but it is a whole new adventure when starting a doctoral program.   Have a routine regardless of what ones classmates do, keep to the schedule.  For example, I studied at the same two Starbucks locations 4-5 times out of the week from 7:30-11am until Boards then that was another level of commitment.  So time management is key to success in any field.”  

As Dr. Bonner looks to the future, he expresses interest in opening a private practice with a focus on vision therapy.   With this as an area of specialization, Dr. Bonner acknowledges that he will serve more pediatric patients, but will still practice well within the full scope of optometry.  Seeing all age ranges will also allow him to do Anterior Segment Laser procedures, ranging from a simple YAG or SLT to doing PRK refractive surgery.   




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