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The RN-MSN program at the University of the Incarnate Word is an accelerated program designed for the academically talented registered nurse who has an Associate’s Degree or diploma, a Bachelor’s Degree in another field, and have a desire to earn a graduate degree in nursing. Applicants for the RN-MSN program must first apply and be accepted to the RN-BSN program (Alternate Pathway). All general core requirements and selected courses in the undergraduate program “bridge courses” must be completed prior to transitioning to the MSN curriculum.  Applicants will have a choice to choose from two clinical focuses offered in the MSN program – Clinical Nurse Leader and Clinical Nurse Specialist, both preparing nurses for advanced practice roles. Students desiring the RN-MSN option must declare their interest in pursuing the MSN in the third term of the UG program. Students completing the program will receive both the BSN and MSN degrees upon graduation; however, students desiring to obtain the BSN sooner may apply upon completion of 120 credits. Students can expect to complete the RN-MSN program in approximately 3 years. Students transition to the MSN program twice per year (Fall and Summer).


Additional program requirements: 

  • Builds on student’s prior learning and experience.
  • Minimum of 3 years recent practice.
  • Cumulative GPA 3.0 on a 4.0 scale; GPA of 3.0 in major nursing courses.
  • Completion of Associate's Degree or Diploma from a NLNAC approved program.

The program of study for students in the RN-MSN program consists of a minimum of 150 hours. Plan of study can be completed on a fulltime or part time basis. The undergraduate portion of the curriculum is presented online, while the graduate portion is primarily traditional classroom presentation with some online classes. Classroom courses are generally held in the evening to accommodate working students. 


For further information, contact:
Sarah Williams, PhD, RN, BC, CNE, ANEF
Associate Professor, Director of RN-BSN-MSN Nursing Programs 


University of the Incarnate Word, 4301 Broadway, Box 300, San Antonio, TX 78209