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The RN-BSN program is designed for students with an Associate’s Degree or Diploma in nursing. Students usually take 6 credit hours each 8 week term. Major nursing courses are taught online. The nursing courses may be completed in one calendar year of full-time study based on the number of core requirements completed. Cohorts are selected twice annually during the fall and spring terms (August and January). Applicants selected for the program are required to attend a one- time two day mandatory orientation at the start of each cohort. Two clinical experiences are required - Community Health Nursing and Nursing Leadership and Management. With these exceptions, no other residence requirements are necessary. Interested students should contact Dr. Sarah Williams at or the School of Extended Studies


For more information contact: 

Dr. Sarah Williams
Ms. Connie Collins, Academic Advisor
210-805-3601 (Wed-Thurs)
210-283-6388 (Mon-Tues)


RN-BSN Degree Completion Application Process
Students who plan to follow the RN-BSN degree completion Alternate Pathway should apply to the School of Extended Studies, Adult Degree Completion Program (ADCaP) for admission to the University.
Applicants are required to submit:

  1. A completed application form.
  2. Official transcripts from all colleges attended.
  3. Evidence of current licensure to practice nursing in Texas.
  4. Military personnel may submit evidence of current licensure in the United States.


RN-BSN Admission Policies
Applicants work with an assigned advisor to complete the application process. Admission requirements include:

  • Overall GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Completion of all prerequisites with a minimum grade of C.
  • Immunizations:
    • Hepatitis B series (#1, #2, #3)
    • MMR (1, #2)
    • TD
    • Current TB test of chest x-ray
  • Current Health Care Provider CPR
  • Current license to practice professional nursing in the State of Texas
  • Evidence of needle stick insurance


Registered nurses will receive 30 hours advanced placement credit for prior nursing education after validation of prior learning. Validation of prior nursing knowledge is determined by evaluation of work completed in the first nursing course, Professional Nursing Role. Registered nurses may enter the RN-BSN program if the following conditions are met:

  • The registered nurse graduated from a Texas nursing education program approved by the Board of Nurse Examiners (BNE) accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC)
  • Register nurses who graduated from schools that were not NLNAC accredited must show validation of successful completion of the NCLEX and meet UIW's policy on credit from non-accredited schools.


General Education (Core) Prerequisites

English Composition I 3 hours
English Composition II 3 hours
World Literature 3 hours
Public Speaking 3 hours
Fine Art 3 hours
Religious Studies 3 hours
Introduction to Philosophy 3 hours
Ethics (Religion or Philosophy) 3 hours
Second Language (must be the same language) 6 hours
History 3 hours
Introduction to Psychology 3 hours
Lifespan Development or Developmental Psychology 3 hours
Mathematics-Probability and Statistics 3 hours
Human Anatomy & Physiology with lab 6 hours
Biological Chemistry with Lab 4 hours
Microbiology with Lab 4 hours
Elective 3 hours
Elective 3 hours
Community Service 45 clock hours, no credit


Major Nursing Requirements Courses in Major (8 week terms)
Term I 
NURS 3512 Professional Nursing Role
Term II
NURS 3341 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
NURS 4313 Health Assessment
Term III
NURS 4365 Community Health Nursing
Term IV
NURS 4265 Community Health Nursing Practicum
Term V
NURS 3322 Issues in Nursing
NURS 4332 Nursing Leadership/Management
Term VI
NURS 4331 Research in Nursing
NURS 4362 Leadership/Management Practicum