UIW Press Release – March 24, 2014

In January the administration of the University of the Incarnate Word determined that we did not have sufficient information about the shooting of Cameron Redus by Corporal Chris Carter on December 6, 2013.  We knew that investigations were underway by the Texas Rangers and the Alamo Heights Police Department who have expertise in these matters and who would report their findings to the District Attorney for legal resolution.  It is fair and appropriate that we wait for a legal resolution to occur before making any decisions about the status or role of Corporal Carter at UIW.  We have not changed this decision though some have suggested we should act without knowing the results of the investigations.

We received the autopsy and toxicology reports through the Texas Open Records Act and as promised sent them on to the Redus family through their lawyer.  These documents are part of the overall investigation but the investigation has not been completed.   We are not prepared to make any decisions until the investigation is complete.

Why are we waiting until the resolution of the investigation before taking any specific decisions about the return of Corporal Carter?  We believe that jumping to a judgment before the investigation is complete could unfairly characterize Chris Carter, a member of our University, and a Peace Officer, in a very negative manner without sufficient knowledge or expertise upon which to base our decisions.  The loss of Cameron’s life is a tragedy.  A tragedy felt most especially by his family and friends and also by the University.  We continue to experience the loss of this gifted and blessed young man.  Nonetheless we resist the pressure to make decisions or take actions before the investigation is completed.

The investigation is taking much longer than we anticipated.   This has undoubtedly increased the impatience and frustration of all involved.  We are sympathetic to how difficult this has been for the family and friends of Cameron.  We continue to pray for all who are suffering this loss.   We continue to pray for Chris Carter.  We live by a set of values that include respect and fairness toward each and every person. We share these values with the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word.   We will draw upon these same principles when we finally have all the information needed.




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