Carver Academy Grads to Receive $25,000 Scholarships

The University of the Incarnate Word announced today a historic partnership with The Carver Academy.

UIW president Dr. Louis Agnese reinforced the university’s commitment to the value of a private school education by announcing plans to grant each graduate of The Carver Academy, beginning this year, a $25,000 multi-year scholarship to assist them in continuing their education through their senior year of college at UIW.

UIW is a part of the Brainpower Connection that includes Incarnate Word High School for young women; St. Anthony Catholic High School, which is co-ed; St. Anthony Elementary School; and St. Peter Prince of Apostles Elementary School.  The Brainpower Connection is a circle of support, influence, and collegiality established when the five institutions connected to share their brainpower through their faculties and students.  The goal of the shared vision, shared faculties, and shared facilities is to help break down the walls that traditionally separate elementary schools, high schools, and universities.

The Carver Academy, which is not affiliated with the Brainpower Connection, was founded by NBA Hall of Famer David Robinson and offers elementary-age children from pre-k through sixth grade a challenging academic program featuring small classes, leadership opportunities, and a nurturing family-like environment based upon the foundations of Judeo-Christian scripture.

The scholarships will allow students who have flourished in a private school environment to continue their studies beyond TCA while receiving one-on-one attention from quality instructors. TCA’s dedication to inspire their students to be good citizens exemplifying the school’s principles of leadership, discipline, initiative and integrity through service and faith is a natural tie to UIW’s Mission.

One of every 4 residents of San Antonio has not completed high school, while only 1 in 5 has earned a bachelor’s degree. The city’s low educational attainment is seen as one of the biggest obstacles to future growth. This partnership aims to improve those figures.

“We are pleased to be in a position to continue the academic and faith formation these outstanding students receive at The Carver Academy,” said Agnese. “These exceptional students are the type San Antonio desperately needs if it hopes to prosper in the future.”

The scholarships will be distributed as $2,500 per year for 10 years (seventh grade through their fourth year of college).

For more information, contact Margaret Garcia, associate director of public relations at 210-829-6001 or at

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