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 Spring 2019 Class Schedule



  • Aquatic Physical Strength  
    Group strength training in the water. Workouts target all major muscle groups using a variety of equipment. All fitness levels welcome. One hour class.
  • Aquatic Strength & Cardio
    Medium intensity workout including, cardio, stretching and toning using a variety of equipment. Combine deep and shallow activities. One hour class.
  • Cycling  
    Help increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Warm-up, followed by a simulation of hilly and flat rides. You will pedal at different speeds and resistance levels and perform intervals of standing and sitting. A great way to add variety and low impact activity to your fitness routine. One hour class.
  • Fast Interval Training
    The most effective approach to performance enhancement training. Class involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life. 30 minute class.
  • H20 Deep Cardio
    Deep water class with floatation belt. (No impact.) Super workout for all levels. You don't need to know how to swim. One hour class.
  • Rowing + Strength
     Rowing demands the use of your arms and legs, complimenting cycling. Instructor adds a strengthening component to the workout. One hour class.
  • Swim Triathlon Training 
    Improve technique to improve speed for no extra energy cost (or change in fitness). Learn to work less to hold a position in a swimming pack and save energy for later in the race. One hour class.