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Dr. Jack Stamps

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Jack is a songwriter, producer, composer and academic. He hears music in the 21st century as a reaction to the splintered mosaic of styles found in the previous century, where, often, discordance and the juxtapositions of styles were meant to incite agitation, anxiety and conflict. Of late, he has been composing dense avant-pop under the name, MC Debris as he continues an ongoing inquiry into the intersection of music, technology and popular culture. In addition to 2 MC Debris albums, he has composed several large scale works that incorporate music and technology. He is currently working on an avant-pop album called, CARSON, that pairs whimsical biographies of several dead entertainers from the 70s and 80s with reconfigured popular song structures from the same period. He maintains relationships with several music licensing companies in New York City and has composed music for numerous television ad campaigns. He received a DMA in music composition from UT Austin in 2010 and was an assistant professor of music technology, composition and theory at Seton Hall University from 2011 to 2014. He lives happily in San Antonio, Texas with his wife and son.