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Students interested in majoring in music come to the university with a variety of musical backgrounds; for this reason, if you are a prospective music major (freshman or transfer), you are required to have an entrance audition so that you can be placed in the proper music courses. The audition ensures that:

1) you are registered in the proper levels of music theory, aural skills, and principal instrument; and;

2) you receive a recommendation from the faculty as to your potential to succeed in your chosen music program.

Audition Requirements

If you have not read the description of music programs offered by UIW, this is a good time to do so. Familiarize yourself with the different programs, and contact the program coordinator, if you have questions. Perhaps you know you want to major in music, but are not sure which program you want to pursue; the Bachelor of Arts in music is a good way to start. The following links will take you to the Audition Requirements for specific programs.

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy

Bachelor of Arts in Music with emphasis in Music Industry Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Music or Bachelor of Arts in music with emphasis in Composition

Bachelor of Arts in Music with emphasis in Performance

Minor in Music


Upcoming Audition Dates

Students beginning studies in the fall semester

Students beginning studies in the spring semester


Scholarship Audition Forms

Scholarship Entrance Audition Form & Theory Diaganostic Test PASSWORD PROTECTED/PLEASE CALL 210-829-3855 OR EMAIL FOR PASSWORD (for new students applying to the Music Department)

One-Year Scholarship Audition Form (for current music students only)*

* One-Year Scholarship Auditions are held in the fall semster and will be awarded in the spring semester. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors wishing to audition must have a 3.0 GPA. Freshmen must have a 3.0 GPA at the end of the Fall semester in order to receive one-year scholarship funds.


Scholarship Information

Students majoring in any music degree and double majors in any music degree and some other subject may receive up to $4,000 for the academic year. Students who minor in music may receive up to $800 per year. Music Scholarships are awarded to students who exhibit particular musical aptitude and who show significant potential to succeed in the music program they have declared as a major. Scholarship auditions occur only in January and February of each year; those students who are awarded music scholarships receive the funds the following semester. For more details, see the audition requirements for each of the programs.

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