Department of Music

Requirements for the Minor in Music

Students wishing to minor in music must fulfill the requirements listed below.

A. 21 semester hours of musicianship courses:

These are remedial and do count towards the minor:

MUSI 1100 Introduction to Aural Skills (subject to Aural Skills Diagnostic Test results)
MUSI 1300 Introduction to Music Theory (subject to Theory Diagnostic Test results)

10 Hours of Music Theory/Aural Skills/Keyboard Skills:
MUSI 1191 Aural Skills I
MUSI 1192 Aural Skills II
MUSI 1321 Music Theory I
MUSI 1322 Music Theory II
MUSI 1111 Keyboard Skills I
MUSI 1121 Keyboard Skills II

3 Hours of Music History (Choose one course from):
MUSI 3347 Survey/Appreciation of Opera
MUSI 3348 Studies in World Music
MUSI 3349 Women in Music
MUSI 3350 American Popular Music
MUSI 3351 Music in Asian Theatre

B. 6 semester hours of applied music and other required upper level:

2 credit hours of principal instrument - MUAP 1154, 1155, or Voice - MUAP 1176, 1177
4 credit hours of major ensembles: Chorale, Orchestra, Band, Wind Ensemble, or Jazz Ensemble

MUAP NOTE: Students who, at the time of their entrance audition, are deemed unprepared for freshman-level MUAP lessons, will be placed in appropriate preparation courses (MUAP 1144 or MUSI 1311), which will not count toward their degree plan as either Music courses or Free Electives.

Audition Requirements - Audition Requirements and Dates

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