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Theory Diagnostic Test

What is the Theory Diagnostic Test?

The Theory Diagnostic Test evaluates your ability to read music notation and your background knowledge in relation to fundamental musical elements such as treble and bass clefs reading, scales and chords, rhythmic and pitch notation, etc.

Can I take this test online?

Yes, it will be available online very soon and will be posted on this page as soon as it's uploaded. It will also be posted on all the audition requirements pages with instructions on how to access it, log-in, and take the test.

How is this test graded?

If you score 70% or higher in this test, you will be placed in Theory/Aural Skills I in your freshman fall semester. If you score 60% or lower, you will be enrolled in Introduction to Music Theory/Aural Skills during your freshman spring semester and you will begin your Theory/Aural Skills sequence in the fall of your sophomore year. In most cases, this may add one year of studies to your program; however, keep in mind that scoring 60% or lower in this test simply indicates that you need re-enforcement in your music training, and that extra year will ultimately be beneficial to you.

How can I prepare for this test?

This is a placement test, so preparation is optional. If you wish to prepare for this test, visit: If you wish to discuss possibilities for taking preparatory courses in Music Theory at a different institution prior to your studies at UIW, contact Dr. Ken Metz at .

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