Department of Music

Debbie Bussineau-King - Repertoire

Compositions by American Women

For many years I have collaborated with the pianist and author Ruth Friedberg. We perform from a very large body of works by many women composers a few of these composers are: Margaret Bonds, Florence Price, Ruth Schonthal, Mary Howe, Amy Beach, Emma Lou Diemer, Elizabeth Raum, Flika Rahn, Edith Borroff, and many others. We have performed in many states, at College Music Society meetings, National Association of Teachers of Singing meeting and for other organizations.

Sephardic and Ladino Music

Sephardic Jews are Jews from the Mediterranean, Spanish and North African areas of Europe. Sephard is the Hebrew word for Spain. Ladino (a combination of Spanish and Hebrew) was the language Jews spoke in the late 15th century about the time they were expelled from Spain. When they were expelled from Spain they took their customs, folklore and language with them where ever they went. This time period (considered the Golden Age of Jewry) has a vast treasury of literature, music and songs written in the Ladino language. These songs address all facets of everyday life, love work, religion etc. and stylistically reflect the rich melodic sounds of traditional Hebrew melodies as well as the exotic flavor of Spain.

Art Song of Latin America

Art songs of Spanish speaking countries are particular favorites of mine. I have performed the standard repertoire as well as music of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and South America. Art songs by the Mexican composer Blas Galindo are of special interest to me.

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