Department of Music

Debbie Bussineau-King - Classes Taught

Private Voice Lessons: Private voice lessons at all levels (high school through adult, beginners thru advanced)

Opera Survey/Appreciation: This class is designed for the non music major. The class introduces the students to all the elements of opera, the background of opera, its beginnings, and the different styles and major composers of opera. We learn the vocabulary of opera and all the reasons "why" opera is the "way it is".

Singing For Beginners: This class is designed for the non music major who is interested in learning how to read music and improving his or her voice. The students learn to sing solo folk songs and beginning level solo art songs.

Aural Skills I, II, III, IV: These classes teach sight singing and dictation skills.
Vocal Method and Diction: In this class the student learns how to teach the rudimentary skills of singing and pedagogical techniques for the voice studio and the choir. The student also learns how to pronounce Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, and Latin.

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