Department of Music

Bachelor of Arts in Music with an Emphasis in Composition

Students wishing to focus on the area of music composition, while still fulfilling the broad requirements of the liberal arts degree, may wish to pursue the Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Composition. In order to graduate, degree candidates pursing this emphasis will perform/present a public recital. Prospective students for the composition emphasis must be able to read music notation and demonstrate strong technical proficiency in their instrument/voice. Prospective students should keep in mind that the composition emphasis at UIW concentrates on classical (art music) style; jazz studies are possible through elective credits. Contact Dr. Ken Metz at for more information on the Composition emphasis. (Auditions and Scholarships info - bottom of page)

Degree Sequence (BA in Music with an emphasis in Composition)

We offer the following degree sequence (four-year degree plan) to assist students and advisors.

Following this sequence increases the likelihood of completing this degree in four years' time. Dropping courses, retaking classes, or registering for less than a full course load will delay graduation, so always consult your academic advisor before deviating from this suggested sequence. Students may enroll in a course only if they have met all prerequisites for that course. Check the UIW Bulletin for details.

Degree Sequence for BA in Music with an emphasis in Composition


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