CCVI Acts of Chapter

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Vision Statement

In 2014 we are ONE dynamic international and intercultural congregation with different forms of commitment.  We are committed to an Incarnational relationship with the world, through which we respond to the needs for human dignity in today’s reality.
We live in a continual process of revitalization, participation, and formation which allows us to live the compassionate love of God.  Strengthened by our CCVI identity, we work passionately and respond in a creative and unified manner through a contemplative attitude and on-going discernment which addresses the roots of injustice in all its forms.

    • Continue to deepen our identity as an international, intercultural Congregation, creating spaces where we can share across cultures, nations, and forms of commitment.
    • Continue experimentation of an international formation program.
    • Develop processes that strengthen greater inter-connectedness among the different forms of commitment.
    • Work toward systemic change, in collaboration with other religious congregations, organizations, and groups.
    • Respond to the requests of lay missionaries, associates, and co-ministers for formation, guidance, support and community in regard to Mission.
    • Commit corporately to a yearly “Justice and Peace” topic.
    • Develop opportunities through which members of all forms of commitment can deepen the contemplative dimensions of their lives, to support their own living out of the CCVI Mission.
    • Take advantage of the opportunities for theological education, theological reflection, and discernment to support the Mission.
    • Strengthen our commitment to apply theological reflection and critical analysis when making decisions.
    • Develop a corporate stance against all forms of violence.

Core Values