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Incarnate Word's Heritage Day

Incarnate Word Reflections: Dr. Denise Doyle

Incarnate Word Reflections: Dr. Denise Doyle on "The Incarnation Here and Now"

Incarnate Word Reflections: Dr. Douglas Gilmour

Dr. Douglas Gilmour on "The Goodness Within Us"

Incarnate Word Reflections: Dr. Robert Connelly

Dr. Robert Connelly on "Faith and Reason"

Incarnate Word Reflections: Dr. Bernardette O'Connor

Dr. Bernardette O'Connor on "God Becomes Present to Us Today"

Incarnate Word Reflections: Sr. Martha Ann Kirk, CCVI

Sr. Martha Ann Kirk, CCVI, reads the Gospel of the Annunciation

Heritage Moment: Bishop Claude Dubuis's Call to Service

Heritage Moment on "Bishop Claude Dubuis's Call to Service"

Heritage Moment: Sr. Eilish Ryan

Heritage Moment on "Faith and Education" with Sr. Eilish Ryan

Heritage Moment: Dr. Bernadette O'Connor

Heritage Moment on "Educating the Whole Person" with Dr. Bernadette O'Connor

Heritage Moment: Dr. Mary Ruth Moore

Heritage Moment on "Innovation" with Dr. Mary Ruth Moore


Heritage Moment: Dr. Patricia Lonchar

Heritage Moment on "The Search for Truth" with Dr. Patricia Lonchar

Heritage Moment: Memorial Ceremony

Heritage Moment on Memorial Ceremony

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