Mission Effectiveness

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Sister Margaret Patrice speaks about the Congregational models of service during "Share the Word" session, Heritage Week, 2003

.Dr. Agnese presents Jon Gillespie with his service pin during Employee Recognition Ceremony on Heritage Day, 2003

Mission Journey Retreatants

Kathy Ruiz leads group in mini retreat during a "Share the Word" session

Sister Yolanda Tarango, Dr. Gilberto Hinojosa and Dr. Michael McGuire share a light moment during the Mission Effectiveness Committee tour of Visitation House.

Faculty discuss Parker Palmer's article, "Leading from Within" at the Mission Leadership Retreat in December.

Brian Wallace listens intently as the Genome Conference Committee Plans its October, 2004 conference.

Dr. Suk Bin Kong enjoys his Fulbright Fellowship in Kigali, Rwanda.

Dr. Kong's photographed this elephant as he traveled through Kafue National Park on his way to Mongu, Zambia, to meet CCVI's.

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