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  • The first President of UIW, then IWC, was (a) Sister Columkille Colbert, (b)
    Sister Margaret Patrice Slattery, (c) Bishop Gariga, (d) Bishop Dubuis.
  • One of the famed "heroines of the Alamo," who also discovered the Spanish Governor's Palace in downtown San Antonio, lived on campus in her later years until the time of her death. She was (a) Clara Driscoll, (b) Margaret Batts Tobin, (c) Elvira Pizzini Guerra, (d) Adina De Zavala.
  • Sister Columkille Colbert was the first nun in Texas to earn the Ph.D. degree in the academic field of (a) English, (b) theology, (c) classical languages, (d) history.
  • There are (a) two, (b) seven, (c) fifteen, (d) five Texas archaeological Landmarks on campus in the area between the playing fields, the Grossman Center and Olmos Dam.
  • The (a) Ponca, (b) Apache, (c) Mohawk, (d) Cleveland Indians yearly visited the campus through the 1920's on their sacred 1,000-mile pilgrimage from Oklahoma to the Rio Grande Valley to gather peyote for "sacramental use only."
  • Actress Paula Prentiss attended the nursery school program on campus with her sister, Irene, during the time her father taught social sciences at IWC. He is Dr. T. J. (a) Connolly, (b) Ragusa, (c) Wheeler, (d) Horgan.
  • The stained glass windows in the Chapel of the Incarnate Word were made in (a) Brooklyn, NY, (b) Ballinger, TX, (c) St. Louis, MO, (d) Corning, NY.
  • The only alumna to run for a senate seat in Mexico was (a) Blanca Magrassi de Alvarez, (b) Claudia Ilizaliturri, (c) S. Alacoque Cerisola, (d) Olga Hachar.


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