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 San Antonio Dance Marathon

As a participant, you can join CDM in any number of ways: 

  • Join as an individual
  • Join an existing team
  • Create a team with friends or a group you belong to
  • Support an individual, team, or event in general as a donor.  

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Students in Philanthropy Awards

Presented by the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio Foundation



UIW student registered for the San Antonio Dance Marathon with funds collected through Donor Drive system at the levels noted below


Fundraising Timing:

Throughout the fundraising period of each year’s dance marathon


Award Levels

  • Distinguished Student in Philanthropy: $250.00 (Award Certificate)
  • Elite Student in Philanthropy: $500.00 (Certificate + VIP Breakfast* + Hospital Tour with a Chief)
  • Premier Student in Philanthropy: $1,000.00 (Award Plaque + VIP Breakfast + Tour + Recognition via social media**)

*VIP Breakfast + Tour TBD
**Recognition via Foundation social media & blog channels