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Dancers & Donors...


Dancers are the second most important individuals at the event because of course everything we do is 


Dancers are living and breathing and doing everything for those who can't. The children whose lives were cut short by cancer, illness, diseases, etc. You can start by getting signed up. Once you get signed up you will be assigned a Morale Captain who will help make sure you are able to fundraise your money and help keep you informed of what's happening with the organization. 

The goal for each dancer is to raise $200 with a $10 registration fee. 

Do you have to dance for the full 12 hours?

Yes!!! Well, almost...

Dance Marathon is a really incredible experience that is hard to put into words until you actually experience it for yourself! During the 12 hours you will experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, but it is one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences you will ever have. Each hour is designed to invigorate and inspire our community through meeting Miracle Children and their families, raising awareness of the health needs in San Antonio and the global community, and creating lasting relationships with one another and our Children's Miracle Network Hospital - The Children's Hospital of San Antonio. 

After participating your first year, if you are interested, there are tons of ways to get more involved on our leadership team. You can become a Family Representative, a Morale Captain, a committee member or even a member of the Executive Council as a Chairperson! 


How do I raise my money?

Even though $200 may sound like a lot to raise, it's not very hard to do! There are many ways to raise your money - from hosting a car wash with your friends on a weekend, to writing letters to family members asking for donations or even doing a bake sale at your local school. More information will be provided through your registration on our fundraising page. 



Donors are as valuable as our dancers. You make it possible for our dancers to dance... your support of our dancers, supports the children. Please join us through donating to your favorite dancer or directly to the event through the donor portal. 

Ready to Join...

Go to our Donor Portal to join us as an individual, team, or donor here


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Festival Colors

April 02, 2014

12-5pm | Dubuis Lawn

Festival Colors

April 02, 2014

12-5pm | Dubuis Lawn

Festival Colors

April 02, 2014

12-5pm | Dubuis Lawn