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Watch the video interviews below to learn more about the MHA program and the opportunities it provides.

Dr. Daniel Dominguez, program director, describes the history of the MHA program at UIW and how it has evolved over time.

Dr. Chris Nesser, associate professor, describes the rigor of the MHA program and what goes into completing the degree.


Dr. Chris Nesser, associate professor, shares what she finds fulfilling about being an MHA instructor.


Dr. Kevin LaFrance, MHA professor, tells how experiential learning and the Graduate Assistantship Program factor into the program's teaching methods.


Dr. Daniel Dominguez, MHA program director, explains what CAHME accreditation means.


David Overton, MHA alumnus, tells how what he learned in the program has impacted his career.


MHA alumna Huda Terraz discusses her decision to attend UIW's MHA program, the impact of the program on her career, and more. 

Why did you choose the UIW MHA program over other programs?

 What difference has the MHA program made to your career?

What did you enjoy most about the UIW MHA program?


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