Master of Health Administration


Join the "fire-side chat" with Dr. Dominguez, Dr. Garcia, and Dr. LaFrance as they discuss various aspects of the UIW MHA program, and program graduate David Overton on why he chose the UIW MHA program to advance his career.

What prompted the start of the MHA Program at UIW?


How was the MHA Program developed?


Dr. LaFrance speaking about MHA Capstone course.


What's next for the MHA program?



Dr. Garcia, the newest faculty member, speaking about what she likes best about teaching at UIW?


Dr. LaFrance speaking about UIW research opportunities  


Dr. Garcia speaking about how to keep students motivated in long four-hour class sessions.


Dr. Dominguez speaking about the diverse background of our MHA students.


And, graduate David Overton on why he chose the MHA program


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