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Purpose of the Mentorship Program

The purpose of the UIW MHA mentorship program is to provide a nurturing, goal-oriented, professional relationship between UIW MHA students and interested, well suited, local healthcare professionals.

Mentorship Program Process

MHA core faculty are assigned individual students upon matriculation into the program and serve as their academic mentors. Within this roll, faculty get to know the students and prepare them so that they may take full advantage of the mentorship experience. Specifically, faculty:

  • Ensure students understand their responsibilities within the student mentor relationship.
  • Assist the student in identifying their personal values and priorities from a holistic perspective.
  • Assist the student in developing career goals and objectives to include the type or types of organizations and even specific organizations they may want to work for (and why).

Students enter into the mentoring relationship upon conclusion of their first academic year (end of the spring semester). Potential mentors are identified by healthcare organization CEO's. As determined by the nominating organization's CEO, mentors are then oriented to the mentorship process. UIW MHA leadership matches mentors and students for "best fit." Students remain as mentees for one year, officially concluding the program upon their graduation.

Mentorship program