Meteorology Faculty

Meteorology faculty contribute their teaching and research expertise to provide students a comprehensive, broad-based science education. The faculty furnishes the student the tools and skills to apply an interdisciplinary approach theory and applications in Meteorology and Broadcast Meteorology. Students gain an appreciation of the need for cooperative efforts across science disciplines and the need to integrate their knowledge to study and understand the complex nature of Earth's atmosphere.

Gerald J. Mulvey, Bachelor of Science in Physics, York College; Master of Science in Atmospheric Science, State University of New York at Albany, andDoctorate in Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University – Certified Consulting Meteorologist, Assistant Professor

Alejandro V. Garcia, Bachelor of Arts in Education, Texas A&I University; Master of Arts in Education, University of Houston – Victoria, anda certification in broadcast meteorology, Mississippi State University – Certified Broadcast Meteorologists, Senior Lecturer

George Frederick, Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science –U.S. Air Force Academy, and Master of Science Meteorology, University of Wisconsin – Certified Consulting Meteorologist, Lecturer

(Last upte: 09/18/2013)

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