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Meet the Mission Day for University of the Incarnate Word students starts on campus at the McDermott Convocation Center for breakfast.  Then students go to community Partner sites to do service projects.  After working at the Partner site, students return to the Convocation Center for lunch, reflection, and dismissal.  You will earn 6.5 hours of service if you participate in Meet the Mission Day.

We will be going out in "waves", so the times you report and are dismissed depend on the "wave" to which you're assigned.

  • First Wave: report 7:30 AM, dismiss 2:00 PM
  • Second Wave: report 9:00 AM, dismiss 3:30 PM

There are 2 ways for students to participate in Meet the Mission Day:

  • Sign up with one of your professors, instructors, or a staff member who is recruiting a crew of volunteers to go to a Partner site on Meet the Mission Day.  Nearly all of the students who volunteer for Meet the Mission sign up with a faculty or staff member.
  • Sign up on this page as an "unassigned" volunteer.

The first option is your best option.  Nothing compares to the camaraderie of going out to a Partner site with your classmates, friends, and faculty to do some community service.  Not only do you build a sense of "community" with our San Antonio Partners, you build "community" within the University of the Incarnate Word.  If none of your professors invite you to sign up for a Meet the Mission Day project, ask them to come to this web site and sign your class up for a project.

If the first option is not open to you, you can sign up on this page.  You will be assigned with another class or you can help with on campus support of Meet the Mission Day (which still counts for service hours). 

If you have already signed up with a faculty or staff member, please do not use this form.