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There are two types of faculty and staff volunteers:

  • Faculty and Staff Leaders recruit student volunteers from classes and/or student organizations and lead them to a Partner service site.  The Faculty/Staff Leader is normally the main point of contact between the University of the Incarnate Word and the Partner organization.  This is an excellent way for bonding between faculty and students as well as bonding between students.
    The Faculty/Staff Leader recruits students for the project.  Nearly all of the student volunteers for Meet the Mission sign up through a Faculty/Staff Leader.  Leaders may make their own sign up sheet or adapt one of these:
  • Faculty and Staff Volunteers are willing to help with Meet the Mission Day, but not in a position to recruit students or coordinate with a Partner organization.  These volunteers may join a Faculty Leader to a Partner organization site or they may help on campus with other Meet the Mission organization, preparation, or follow up.

Questions?  Email Betsy Leverett.

If you are willing to participate in either capacity, please fill out the form below.