UIW Campus Map

Campus Map

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UIW Campus Map UIW Campus Map


  1. Kathleen Martin Watson Enrollment Center
  2. Chapel of the Incarnate Word
  3. Village at Incarnate Word
    1. Pierre House
    2. Madeline House
    3. Dubuis House
    4. CHRISTUS Heritage Room
    5. Alphonse House
  4. DeMatel House
  5. Angelique House
  6. Blue Hole
  7. Picnic Area/Sand Volleyball Court
  8. George Washington Brackenridge Villa
  9. Incarnate Word Generalate
  10. Mission Plaza
  11. Bernard O’Halloran Fountain
  12. Administration Building
  13. Sr. Antoninus Buckley Courtyard
  14. Our Lady’s Chapel
    1. Financial Aid (1st Floor)
  15. Maureen Halligan-Ronald Ibbs Theatre and Dance Center
    1. Elizabeth Huth Coates Theatre
  16. University Auditorium
  17. Genevieve Tarlton Dougherty Fine Arts Center, Douglas and Donna Semmes Gallery (first level) Palestrina Recital Hall (second level)
  1. Bonilla Science Hall
  2. AT&T Science Center
  3. J. E. and L. E. Mabee Library, McCreless Art Gallery, Computer Labs, Counseling
  4. The Marjorie Jordan Carillon Plaza
  5. Sr. Mary Elizabeth Joyce Applied Arts & Sciences Building
  6. Bishop Claude Dubuis Residence Hall
  7. Sr. Margaret Patrice Slattery Incarnate Word House
  8. Gorman Business and Education Center
  9. Richard and Janet Cervera Wellness Center
  10. Sr. Clement Eagan Residence Hall, Campus Police
  11. Marian Hall: Student Center, Dining Hall, ELS
  12. Marian Residence Hall
  13. Lourdes Grotto and Angel of Hope Statue
  14. Ann Barshop Natatorium
  15. Buckley-Mitchell Advancement Center
  16. Agnese/Sosa Living/Learning Center
  17. Center for Well-Being
  18. Student Health Center
  19. Sr. Charles Marie Frank Nursing Building
  20. Clarence Mabry Tennis Center
  21. Village of Avoca Apartments (A&B)
  22. Avoca C
  23. Avoca D
  1. Avoca E
  2. McCombs Center: Housing/Bookstore/Rosenberg Skyroom, Java on the Hill
  3. Henriette Leonard Auditorium
  4. St. Joseph’s Hall
  5. Hillside I Dormitory
  6. AT&T Conference Room
  7. Dr. Burton E. Grossman International Conference Center
  8. Alonso Ancira Tower
  9. Hillside II Dormitory
  10. Practice Infield
  11. Gayle & Tom Benson Stadium
  12. Alice P. McDermott Convocation Center, Gorman-Mitchell Room (second level)
  13. Softball Field
  14. Concession Building
  15. Daniel J. Sullivan IV Baseball Field
  16. Practice Soccer Fields
  17. Feik School of Pharmacy

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