Life After UIW

Sam Sanders, BA '07

What year did you graduate from Incarnate Word, and what was your major?

2007 - I had a double major, Political Science and Music

What are you doing, now?

I'm an assistant producer at NPR (National Public Radio) where I handle news research, audio production and field reporting for their National News Desk. I get to do a little reporting myself as well, and am heard on NPR's All Things Considered and Morning Edition from time to time.

How did your experience at UIW help you get there?

In so many ways. The hard and soft skills I picked up in both of my majors helped me so much in news radio. Getting an ear for music and good sound as a music major, developing the ability to write quickly, thoughtfully and thoroughly about current events as a political science major. But so much of UIW's gift to me is spiritual. Spending four years in such a caring, nurturing environment, where people wanted to see me succeed gave me the confidence to pursue graduate studies at Harvard University and work hard to get where I am now, at my dream job.

What is your favorite UIW memory?

Too many to count. But I always look back fondly at UIW's 2007 SGA Awards Banquet. Poignant student speeches, awards honoring leaders in the campus community, and a live band and dancing at the end, all in the beautiful UIW Skyroom. It's a night I won't forget and I'm so glad I was able to help coordinate it.

What advice would you have for a young person coming to UIW, or considering coming to UIW?

One, I would say, stop "considering," and just go! You won't regret attending UIW. I would also encourage students to take advantage of all the opportunities afforded them at UIW. Even though the school is growing, there is so much individual attention giving to any student there who wants it. Form relationships with your professors and fellow students -- they can last a lifetime.