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  • Graduate Research Librarian

    Graduate Research Librarian, Polly McCord, is available to work with graduate students to develop their information literacy and research skills. Group or one-on-one consultations are available. Polly can help with developing a topic, research strategies and evaluating resources.  Contact her at 210-805-5809 or

    The Graduate Research Librarian has created a series of research guides to help graduate students on a variety of topics including avoiding plagiarisum, the research process, predatory publishers and more.

  • Graduate Support Services
    The UIW Library collaborates with the Graduate Support Center to provide support services for graduate students, including academic workshops. To find out more about these opportunities to enhance your research skills and knowledge visit GSC.
  • Graduate Computer Rooms

    Mabee Library has dedicated two research and writing rooms (103 and 105) for students in graduate, professional or doctoral programs.  Students who need to work collaboratively should request a group study room.  Each room has a table for individual quiet study and four computers loaded with the statistical package SPSS, the qualitative analysis software QRS NVivo and Adobe Acrobat.  Microsoft Office is also on the machines. Each student using the room must check out a key from the Circulation Desk.

    Please note that family and friends are not allowed in the Graduate Computer Rooms, nor is food and/or drink. Students must not save their work to these computers and should not download software to them. For a full understanding of expected conduct in these rooms are to be used, please visit Graduate Computer Room Use Policy.

  • Doctoral Study Room
    The library has two rooms (109 and 233) for doctoral students to use for research and writing when they are at the dissertation writing stage of their doctoral studies. The computers are loaded with the statistical package SPSS, the qualitative analysis software QRS NVivo and Adobe Acrobat. Microsoft Office is also on the machines and GoPrint Services are available. Check out keys available keys from the Circulation Desk.  Room 233 is also used by the Graduate Support Center to tutor graduate students in writing.   The tutors are there Monday - Thursday from 1 - 6 pm.  Appointments are necessary.  Visit this site to learn more Graduate Writing Support.
  • Dissertation and Thesis Binding

    The university no longer requires masters or doctoral students to supply a copy of their thesis or dissertation to the library. The library will continue to facilitate binding for students wishing to have copies of their thesis or dissertation bound for personal use. Cost for binding is $15 for each copy.  Payment must be made at the Business Office before copies are dropped off to be bound using the Dissertation/Thesis Binding Order Form.

    After they are shipped to the bindery, turnaround time is usually four weeks. If the owner cannot pick up bound copies the student may designate someone else to pick them up.

    Dissertations/theses may be dropped off in the Technical Services Offices behind the Reference Desk -  Monday through Friday 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Please call 210-829-6095 for more information.