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Streaming/Online Video Collections

At UIW, you can access subscribed online video collections.  This content is available to current UIW students, faculty and staff only.  UIW users will need to authenticate using their UIW credentials.

You can also access a selection of free audiovisual materials online by following this link.  These items can be used by our affiliates and our guests.  No log in is required.

Learn more about AV search tips, Farhad’s Film Series, Cruise Music Collection and new AV additions (DVDs/CDs) by viewing the Audiovisuals Research Guide.

  • New Additions to Collections
  • Collections by Subject Area
    • Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy
      Online video anatomy resource that covers the fundamental structures of the musculoskeletal system, the head and neck, and the internal organs using images of dissected human anatomical specimens shown in 3D.

    • Allied Health Video Collection
      This collection will help prepare future allied health professionals for practice across a diverse range of health care settings, whether they are learning how to draw blood, administer medications, or help deliver a baby. The videos include titles from trusted producers such as Elsevier, NEVCO, Center for Phlebotomy Education, InJoy Health Education, Classroom Productions, and others.

    • Anthropology Video Collection
      The titles in this collection reveal the vast diversity of humankind—with equal emphasis on traditional cultures and the effect that modernity has on them today.

    • Archival Films & Newsreels Video Collection
      This collection is a treasure trove of archival and historical films from multiple sources.

    • Area Studies Video Collection
      This large collection contains critically acclaimed documentaries and feature programming on some of the world’s fastest-growing countries, such as China, India, Russia, and Brazil, as well as major regions including Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and more.

    • Art & Architecture Video Collection
      Includes videos covering applied art, architecture, art appreciation, art history, photography and more.

    • Bates Visual Guide
      Provides physical examination techniques videos and clinical skills videos for Advanced Assessment or Introduction to Clinical Medicine.

    • Biology Video Collection
      Includes videos covering animal biology, ecology, general biology, human anatomy & physiology, marine biology, microbiology, plant biology and more.

    • Business & Economics Video Collection
      Includes videos covering business education, business technology, economics, ethics & business law, finance, accounting & taxation, management, marketing and more.

    • Careers & Job Search Videos Collection
      This collection covers all the bases, from the tried and true to the cutting edge, while also providing overviews of career fields across the spectrum and insights into the necessary skills for success on the job.

    • Communication Video Collection
      This collection covers both basic and advanced techniques of communicating across multiple mediums and varied settings. Instructional videos, documentary films, and expert presentations cover advertising, digital media, film, journalism, interpersonal communication, and more.

    • Counseling & Social Work Video Collection
      With clips from actual counseling sessions with patients, videos featuring the founders of narrative therapy and other counseling approaches, and titles on the theory and practice of social work, this collection will give students the grounding they need to help the people they will work with every day.

    • Criminal Justice & Law Video Collection
      With several hundred titles spanning criminal investigation, legal studies, criminology, and the justice system, this collection covers the basics and also digs deep into the intricacies of topics such as forensic science, homeland security, police training, the criminal mind, juvenile justice, cybercrime, human rights, and more.

    • Earth Science Video Collection
      Includes videos covering geology, oceanography, general earth science, weather & climate and more.

    • Education Video Collection
      This collection addresses basics such as effective teaching methods and classroom management as well as best practices for use of technology, application of standards, overcoming the challenges of special needs students, understanding legal and ethical issues, and more.

    • Engineering Video Collection
      Includes videos covering aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, industrial and mechanical engineering, computer science, materials science,and more.

    • English Language, Theater, Speech & Communication, and World Literature Video Collection
      Comprehensive overviews of literary movements. Scholarly films on the evolution of the English language. Productions of major plays. Documentaries on the world's most prominent writers. Instructional titles on the fundamentals of language. With more than 1,600 films, this collection covers the vast expanse of topics found in the English curriculum.

    • Environmental Science Video Collection
      Includes videos covering general environmental science, ecosystems, natural resources and more.

    • Family & Consumer Sciences Videos Collection
      First aid, nutrition and diet, child care, kitchen and food safety, financial health, safe driving, fashion and interiors, independent living—the broad foundations of this collection provide just a hint at the hundreds of multifaceted titles it contains.

    • Geography Video Collection
      Includes videos covering human geography, physical geography, world regional geography and more.

    • Guidance & Counseling Videos Collection
      From teaching the “soft skills,” such as time management and mitigating stress, that can boost academic success, to warning about alcohol and drugs, peer pressure, and other dangers inherent to becoming a young adult, this collection covers life lessons that aren’t always taught in class, but that can be just as important in preparing for life after graduation.

    • Health & Medicine Video Collection
      Includes videos covering diseases, disorders & disabilities, health care & treatment, human anatomy & physiology, nutrition, personal health & wellness, public health and more.

    • History Video Collection
      From the ancient world to the present day, this collection of thousands of history titles brings to life the time and place your students are studying.

    • Mathematics Video Collection
      Includes videos covering mathematics & statistics, applied mathematics and more.

    • Music & Dance Video Collection
      This collection spans both time and space to cover a wide variety of music and dance from around the world and throughout history.

    • Nursing Video Collection
      Includes videos covering nursing foundations, patient care & interventions, nursing skills, diseases, disorders, and disabilities, academic success skills, career development and more.

    • Philosophy & Religion Video Collection
      This wide-ranging collection covers the fundamental concepts of reality, epistemology, and value as well as the contrasting narratives, rituals, and beliefs of the world’s religions.

    • Physical Science Video Collection
      Includes videos covering the astronomy, chemistry, physics, the history of physical science and more.

    • Political Science Video Collection
      From the basics of civics, American democracy, and other forms of government, to the major public policy issues of the day—immigration, globalization, national security, privacy—you will have at your fingertips a rich source of documentary and instructional content that adds context to every lesson.

    • Psychology Video Collection
      Reviews of classic studies; overviews of foundational and contemporary theories; case studies of psychological disorders; instructional titles on research methods and statistics; interviews with prominent psychologists; documentaries on topics such as personality, sexuality, aging, happiness, intelligence, and more.

    • Sociology Video Collection
      From poverty, gender inequality, and social justice to crime, prejudice, globalization, and so much more, key subjects in sociology are explored by in-depth documentaries and curriculum-focused instructional videos.

    • Technical & Trade Education Videos
      How does a hybrid car engine work compared to a gas engine? How do construction blueprints differ from electrical blueprints? What’s the best way to connect IT networks that use different protocols? The hundreds of titles in this collection will help prepare students interested in vocational trades, including construction, cosmetology, communication, agriculture, applied engineering, and more.

    • Technology & Society Video Collection
      This collection looks at the history and current state of how technology has changed our lives.

    • World Languages Video Collection
      This collection features language instruction titles for Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish as well as hundreds of supplemental titles on the culture, history, literature, and art of the countries where those languages are spoken.

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