Facilities and Policies



  • Quiet Study Space

    On the first floor, the stacks (to the left of the computer research area) provide many quiet study areas. There are single carrels to provide for individual study. 
    On the second floor, Room 203 (through the wooden doors across from the elevator) provides many carrels and tables for quiet study.  These are areas where no noise is allowed.

    If students want to talk or work collaboratively, there are specific areas within the library that allow for this activity: the reference room (to the right of the reference desk) and the second-floor areas by the group study rooms.

  • Group Study Rooms

    For working in groups, the library has eleven (11) study rooms on the second floor that may be used for two (2) hours by two (2) or more people. These rooms are just off the elevator in the south wing of the library. Rooms 234, 235, 236 and 237 have a flat screen monitor that can be connected to a laptop. All rooms have whiteboards. Keys are checked out from the Circulation Desk.

  • Audiovisuals, Music Scores and Popular Reading Area (Room 203b)
    These materials are located on the second floor. In one corner, you will find a collection of popular magazines and newspapers. 
  • Reference Area

    In the area where reference books are shelved, students will find a variety of seating options for study. There are tables and leather chairs. Because the Reference and Circulation Desks are nearby, this area is not as quiet as other areas of the library.  It is designated as a collaborative work area.

  • Computer Research Area

    The computer research area is located to the left of the reference desk. The computers in this area may be used to search the online catalog, databases, journals and the Internet.  

    These computers have Microsoft Office software, SPSS statistical software and other software options that are used by various programs.

  • Graduate Computer Rooms
    The library has two rooms on the first floor (103 and 105) that are available for graduate student use. These rooms may be used by any student in graduate, professional or doctoral studies or faculty member.  Each room has four computers with the statistical package SPSS, the qualitative analysis software NVivo and Microsoft Office.  The keys are checked out from the Circulation Desk. Up to four (4) students may check out keys for four (4) hours.
  • Doctoral Study Room

    The library has two (2) rooms for doctoral students to use for research and writing. Room 233 is in the group study room area on the second floor and Room 109 is located in the first-floor stack quiet study area.  There are desks and computers for doctoral students actively working on their dissertation.  Keys are checked out at the Circulation Desk for four (4) hours. The room may be used by up to two students at a time. The Graduate Support Center provides writing support in Room 233 several afternoons a week. Graduate Writing Support

Meeting Rooms and Other Facilities

  • Meeting Rooms

    The library has a number of meeting rooms which can be scheduled by the community:  the library auditorium, the Special Collections Room, the Sterling International Conference Room and the Technology Classroom.   More detailed information regarding this rooms can be found here:

    Rooms Available for Meetings and Special Events Meeting Room Policy 
  • Finnegan's Coffee Shop

    Inside the Library’s atrium is Finnegan’s where students, faculty and staff can get a cup of coffee and a snack. Tables and chairs in and outside the coffee shop allow students to sit, talk and work while enjoying food and beverages. Finnegan’s, which is operated by Sodexo, is not open during the summer months or during intersessions and does not maintain the same hours as the library.


Map of Mabee Library