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The Frost Play Research Collection currently contains over 1,500 items that have been cataloged, and included in the UIW Library’s online catalog.

Searching the Collection Online

The Frost Collection contains an array of unique and specialized materials on play research from the collection of Dr. Joe L. Frost, and is an invaluable resource for researchers in this area. Researchers should note that numerous resources on this topic are also available in the Mabee Library’s main collection.

Searching the library’s collections via Library Search, the library's online catalog, is one of the quickest ways to find materials on this subject, and to obtain the most comprehensive set of search results.

  • Go to Library Search
  • Type in your search terms.
  • Select “Search” or hit enter.
  • Items in the Frost Collection will have the following notation in the record: Library Location: Frost Collection - 2nd Floor

Browsing the Frost Collection in Person

The materials in the Collection are arranged on the shelves according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system. Researchers and other users who are not looking for a specific book or other item may choose to come to the Frost Collection, and browse through the titles on the shelves. Please see Hours, Location & Use to find out when the Collection is open for use, or to schedule an appointment.  The materials may be used only in the Frost Collection room.

Subsets of the Frost Collection

There are a limited number of subsets of the Collection that have been shelved separately from the rest of the books in the Collection. Within these sub-collections, arrangement is still by Dewey Decimal number. The assistant in the Collection can direct researchers to these subsets.

Dr. Joe L. Frost Materials

This subset of the Collection contains books, reports, papers and other materials for which Dr. Frost is the main or only author. Researchers interested only in viewing materials authored by Dr. Frost can go directly to these shelves.

Rare Book Collection

A number of the books in the Collection are very old, rare or both. To protect these items from the wear and tear of casual browsing, as well as damage from dust and environmental factors, they are kept in a locked bookcase. These items are available upon request. Like all other items in the Frost Collection, they may be viewed only in the Collection, and may not be removed from the room. Additionally, due to their rarity and age, the items in the rare books portion of the Frost Collection may not be photocopied or digitally scanned.

DVDs and Videos

The Frost Collection contains a small number of videotapes and DVDs on children’s play. A television and VCR/DVD player with headphones is available in the Collection for viewing these items.