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2010-2011 Donors

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Dr. Louis J. Agnese, Jr. in memory of Sr. Mary Daniel Healy, CCVI

Dr. Cheryl Anderson in honor of the Mabee Library Staff

Dr. Robert Ball in honor of Oscar G. Brockett

Dr. Roger Barnes in honor of Sr. Germaine Corbin, CCVI

Don & Virginia Beeler in honor of Sr. Kathleen Coughlin, CCVI

Jacob P. Colunga in honor of the Colunga & Deeter Families

Dr. Robert Connelly in memory of Anna & Gerald Connelly

Dr. Annette Craven in memory of Sr. Maria Goretti Zehr, CCVI

Dr. James Creagan in memory of Dr. Jim Parlett

Dr. Andrea Cyterski-Acosta in memory of Dr. Jim Parlett

Dr. Shawn Daly in memory of Blanche Evans

Dr. Daniel Dominguez in honor of Stella M. Dominguez

Dr. Denise J. Doyle in memory of Dr. Jim Parlett

Tom Duckworth in honor of Sr. Yolanda Tarango, CCVI

Marshall Eidson in honor of Harold & Melinda Eidson

Doug Endsley in memory of Dr. Reg Traylor

Paul R. Fayfich in honor of Dr. Annette Craven

Dr. David Fike in honor of Dr. Kevin Vichcales

Dr. Michael Forrest in honor of Dr. Michael McGuire

Louis Fox in memory of Sarah A. Fox

Maria Gillespie in honor of Leonard Leos & all Nursing Faculty

Dr. Kathleen Aliberto Goei in memory of Charles A. Aliberto

Letitia Harding in memory of Brennan L. Livaudais

Earl Harmsen in memory of Dr. Jim Parlett

Steve Heying in memory of Sr. Ann Finn, CCVI

Dr. Sara Jackson in memory of Anna Lou Conley

Dr. Glenn James in memory of Dr. Jim Parlett

Dr. David M. Jurenovich in honor of John Newman

Dr. Arcelia Johnson-Fannin in memory of Erby T. & Una M. Johnson

Dr. Mary Elaine Jones in memory of Lillie S. Adamek & Sr. Olivia Prendergast, CCVI

Dr. Jessica C. Kimmel in honor of Sr. Mona Smiley, CCVI

Dr. Kevin LaFrance in honor of the H-E-B School of Business Faculty

Dr. Kathleen Light in honor of George & Eileen Light

Dr. Patricia Lonchar in honor of Dr. Mary Ruth Moore

Sylvia A. Maddox in honor & memory of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word

Marveen Mahon in honor of Dr. Keith Tucker

Dr. Bonnie McCormick in honor of Dr. William Thomann

Dr. Dick McCracken in memory of Sr. Maria del Socorro Lazo, CCVI & Sr. Maria Goretti Zehr, CCVI

Sandra McMakin in honor of Gaynelle Matthis

Dr. Renée Thurston Moore in honor of Drs. Charles & Marie Thurston

Dr. Laura Munoz in honor of Guadalupe “Gus” Rodriguez

Julie Nadeau in honor of the School of Nursing & Health Professions Faculty & Staff

Damita Pape in memory of Sr. Mary Daniel Healy, CCVI

Dr. Cyndi Porter in memory of Don & Phillis Wilson

Vincent Porter in memory of Raymond W. Porter

Peter Reininger in honor of Nancy Reininger

Rita Russ in honor of Mr. & Mrs. T. S. Crayton, Jr.

Dr. Beth Senne-Duff in memory of Sr. Mary Daniel Healy, CCVI

Dr. Caroline Spana in honor of Sr. Rita Prendergast, CCVI and in memory of Sr. Olivia Prendergast, CCVI

Dr. Denise Staudt in memory of Joe Spencer

Dr. Mary Beth Swofford in memory of Ronald Ibbs & Dr. Bernard O’Halloran

Dr. Mark S. Teachout in honor of Sr. Dorothy Ettling, CCVI

Dr. Dianna J. Tison in honor of Sr. Teresa Stanley, CCVI

Dr. Kevin & Mrs. Julie Vichcales in honor of Thelma Schlyer

Dr. Patricia Watkins in honor of Marcos Fragoso

Phillip Youngblood in honor of Dr. Pat Burr