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2009-2010 Donors

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Dr. & Mrs. Louis J. Agnese Jr. in memory of Nancy Agnese and in honor of Louis J. Agnese, Sr.

Basil Aivaliotis in honor of Mendell Morgan

Dr. Cheryl Anderson in honor of Mendell Morgan

Dr. Roger Barnes in honor of Dr. Chris Barnes

Don & Virginia Beeler in honor of Sr. Kathleen Coughlin, CCVI

Dr. Bob Connelly in memory of Michael Connelly

Dr. Annette Craven in memory of William & Dea Joan Craven

Dr. James Creagan in honor of Gwyn Creagan

Andrea Cyterski-Acosta in memory of Thomas Ohnemus

Dr. Shawn Daly in honor of the H-E-B School of Business Faculty

Dr. Dan Dominguez in honor of Dr. Pat Burr

Dr. Denise Doyle in honor of Itza Casanova

Dr. Denise Doyle in honor of Dr. Bob Connelly

Tom Duckworth in honor of Sr. Yolanda Taranga, CCVI

Doug Endsley in memory of Dr. Reg Traylor

Paul Fayfich in honor of Dr. Esmeralda De Los Santos

Lou Fox in memory of Sarah A. Fox

Maria Gillespie in honor of All Nursing Faculty

Letitia Harding in honor of Dr. Pat Lonchar

Earl Harmsen in honor of Ellowene Harmsen

Dr. Gilberto Hinojosa in honor of Sr. Audrey O'Mahoney, CCVI

Dr. Glenn James in honor of Dr. Bill Schurter

Dr. Arcelia Johnson-Fannin in honor of Una M. Johnson

Dr. Mary Elaine Jones in memory of Sr. Margaret Mary Curry, CCVI

Dr. David Jurenovich in honor of Christian & Matthew Jurenovich

Dr. Jessica Kimmel in honor of Sr. Neomi Hayes, CCVI

Dr. Kathi Light in honor of George & Eileen Light

Dr. Pat Lonchar in honor of Dr. Sally Said

Sylvia Maddox in memory of Sr. Angela Clare Moran, CCVI

Dr. Bonnie McCormick in honor of Dr. Bob Connelly

Dick McCracken in memory of Sr. Charles Marie Frank, CCVI

Sandra McMakin in memory of Thelma Naasz

Dr. Renee Moore in honor of Dr. Marie Pannell Thurston

Julie Nadeau in honor of Dr. Caroline Spana

Damita Pape in honor of Louis J. Agnese, Sr.

Mary Helen Pinner in honor of Mendell Morgan

Dr. Cyndi Porter in memory of Donald & Phillis Wilson

Vincent Porter in honor of The ADCaP Staff

Peter Reininger in memory of Monsignor Tom Collins

Rita Russ in honor of Joyce Whitney-Cheeves

Dr. Beth Senne-Duff in honor of Dr. Bob Connelly

Dr. Denise Staudt in memory of Joe Spencer

Dr. Mary Beth Swofford in memory of Ronald Ibbs & Bernard O'Halloran

Dr. Mark Teachout in honor of Louise Teachout

Dr. Dianna Tison in memory of Judge Hodges Tison

Dr. David Vequist in memory of David George Vequist, Jr.

Dr. Kevin Vichcales in honor of Beverly & David Holland

Dr. Pat Watkins in honor of The Staff of International Affairs & Special Events

Dr. Stephen Wilson in memory of Mary Lynne Wilson