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2008-2009 Donors

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Dr. & Mrs. Louis Agnese, Jr. in memory of Sr. Ann Finn

Dr. Cheryl Anderson in honor of Dr. Bonnie McCormick

Dr. Judy Beauford in honor of the Dreeben School of Education

Mr. & Mrs. Don Beelerin honor of Sr. Kathleen Coughlin

Dr. Joseph Bonilla in honor of Ruth Bonilla

Dr. Robert Connelly in honor of Sr. Helena Monahan

Lt. Col. Dorothea A. Courts, USA in memory of Col. Mary L. Black, US Army Nurse Corps

Dr. Graciela Lopez-Cox in honor of Nursing Faculty

Dr. James Creagan in memory of Fr. Philip Lamberty, O.P.

Dr. Julian Davis in honor of Dr. Brian McBurnett

Dr. Dan Dominguez in honor of UIW Faculty

Dr. Denise Doyle in honor of Dr. Robert Connelly

Paul Fayfich in honor of Dr. Robert Connelly

Dora Fitzgerald in memory of Nyles R. Fitzgerald

Michael Forrest in honor of Paul Fayfich

Dr. Flor de Maria Garcia-Wukovits in honor of Sr. Claude Marie Faust & (in honor of) Sr. Brigida Smiley

Maria Gillespie in honor of Dr. Barbara Herlihy

Dr. Susan Hall in honor of Dr. Bernard O'Halloran

Letitia Harding in honor of Victoria F. Harding

Earl Harmsen in honor of Dr. Denise Doyle

Dr. Sharon Herbers in honor of Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word

Dr. Gilberto Hinojosa in honor of Sr. Margaret Rose Palmer

Dr. Sara Jackson in honor of Jim & Elaine Conley

Dr. Glenn James in honor of Fr. Philip Lamberty, O.P.

Dr. Mary Elaine Jones in honor of Dr. Kathi Light

Dr. Jessica Kimmel in honor of Sr. Martha Ann Kirk

Dr. Sara Kolb in honor of Dr. Kathi Light & Dr. Barbara Herlihy

Dr. Elizabeth Kreston in honor of Robert Kreston

Dr. Kevin LaFrance in honor of H-E-B School of Business Faculty & Staff

Dr. Kathi Light in honor of Sr. Teresa Stanley & Dr. Jim Sorenson

Dr. Pat Lonchar in honor of Dr. Susan Hall

Dr. Dennise Maslakowskiin honor of Sr. Margaret Nugent

Dr. Bonnie McCormick in honor of Dr. Sara Kerr

Dr. Richard McCracken in honor of Sr. Germaine Corbin

Sandra McMakin in honor of Lou Ann Parks

Cheryl McMullan in honor of Sr. Christine Murphy

Dolores Mitchell in honor of Sr. Margaret Patrice Slattery

Dr. Mary Lou Mueller in honor of Sr. Antoninus Buckley

Julie Nadeauin honor of School of Nursing & Health Professions Faculty & Staff

Damita Pape in honor of Sr. Ann Finn

Dr. Cyndi Porter in honor of Phillis J. Wilson

Vince Porter in honor of Michael & Nikki Porter

Dr. Russell Raymond in honor of Aubrey & Viola Evans

Peter Reininger in honor of Roy Stovall

Religious Studies Department in honor of Dr. Francisco Lozada

Dr. Harold Rodinsky in honor of Dr. Roger Barnes

Rita Russ in honor of Tommy & Lacy Crayton

Dr. Jeannie Scott in honor of Rita J. Cofer & (in honor of) Samuel L. Johnson

Robert Sosa in honor of Tom Plofchan

Dr. Denise Staudt in honor of Dreeben School of Education Faculty

Dr. Mary Beth Swofford in honor of Dr. Maureen Halligan-Ibbs & Ronald Ibbs

Dr. James Van Straten in honor of Dr. Pat Watkins

Dr. Mark Teachout in honor of Calvin S. Teachout

Dr. Kevin Vichcales in honor of Dorn J. & Sharon M. Vichcales

Dr. Pat Watkins in honor of Dr. Louis J. Agnese, Jr.

Phillip Youngblood

Your Grateful Colleagues in honor of Dr. Jessica Kimmel