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Posted: January 09, 2019  |  by John Miller
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Computer screen with "Redesign" letters over caution tapeWork is underway on an updated web design for Elliance, a marketing, branding, and technology company, has been hired to redesign UIW’s global web presence. By the end of Q1 2019, Elliance plans to launch our new website in its entirety. In addition to the updated look, new content will be written for UIW’s health-science schools, the Ettling Center for Civic Engagement, and Mission and Ministry. Throughout 2019, all other academic and mission-driven program content will be rewritten and updated on the new site.

In announcing the new website, UIW’s president, Dr. Thomas M. Evans, notes “[c]ommunications and branding initiatives are vital to distinguishing ourselves in the marketplace.”

The Information Resources Division and the Office of Enrollment Services are working together in coordinating Elliance’s essential work concerned with the redesign of the globally focused Simultaneously, the Information Resources web team is working to design and standup a public intranet presence focused to our community members. This new website will supply a wealth of information for students, faculty, staff, and trustees.

Access to software applications, such as Blackboard, Banner, and DegreeWorks, will remain – for the time being – behind the secure firewall of the MyWord portal. Information Resources is exploring newer technologies that will aid in the delivery of electronic resources. As these plans emerge, we will keep the community updated.

The current iteration of will remain active until the new website is “switched on.” It is important to note that Information Resources is providing limited support for the current and information on the website is being updated by web editors within each school. Major design modifications during the next three months are discouraged while Elliance works on the new global website and Information Resources works on the new intranet website.

Academic deans and administrative department heads can expect to be contacted by Elliance, Enrollment Services, and/or the UIW web team as these important projects progress.


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