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Introducing vLab@Everywhere

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Introducing vLab@Everywhere

Beginning this fall, UIW students will enjoy the convenience of using academic software from anywhere on campus, including the residence halls. The days of being tethered to a physical computer lab and its hours of operation are over!  vLab@Everywhere provides easy access to UIW software applications from everywhere on campus that has a wired or wifi network connection.  Using their own laptops, students are able to use tools like SPSS, JMP, Chemdraw, Minitab, Gerber Fashion and more from the comfort of their dorm room or even sitting on a bench outside.  They do so without worrying about software installs, version mishaps, operating system compatibility, or simply fitting “open lab hours” into their schedule. vLab@Everywhere works on Mac, PC, Linux, Chromebooks, or any laptop with a web browser.  Specialty physical computer labs will continue to be maintained in several schools but vLab@Everywhere will soon enable student Cardinals to spread their wings!

And coming next semester ……. vLab@Everywhere goes off-campus and around the world!