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Systems & Software

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An alphabetical list, including a brief description of use, of key systems and software employed by the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW).


ACTIVENet™ is used to manage memberships for the UIW Natatorium and Wellness Center facilities. The system is integrated with the UIW ID card system to allow secured access into the facilities. 



Argos Logo
Argos is the enterprise reporting tool used at UIW. The reporting tool is used in conjunction with the Banner® Oracle® database to extract the necessary information to support the daily operations of the UIW administrative and academic offices. 


Banner® |  BannerWeb

Banner Logo
Banner® is the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software used by UIW. The system, implemented in 1995, houses the data for various administrative and academic areas of the university. 
Administrative and academic offices use Banner INB to manage their business operations. Supervisors and/or data owners must approve access to each module. 
Banner® Self-Service, or BannerWeb, is a resource for students, faculty and staff. This tool offers options that include allowing: 
° Students to register for courses, view final grades, update personal contact information and access payroll timesheets;
° Faculty and advisors to enter course grades, view class rosters and advisee lists, and review transcripts;
° Employees to view personal contact information, benefits, pay stubs, tax forms, and timesheets.


Banner® Document Management

BDM Logo
Banner® Document Management also known as Application Xtender is used by UIW administrative offices to scan, image and store documents used in their daily operations. Documents are securely retained within the Banner® system for future viewing and auditing by authorized personnel. 


Blackboard Collaborate™

Blackboard Collaborate Logo Blackboard Collaborate™, formerly known as Wimba, is an online, interactive learning tool that facilitates virtual learning, blended learning and online conferencing. This tool allows users to deliver content, share desktops, communicate with voice/video, etc. It can be used asynchronously, allowing a lecture to be captured and viewed later, or synchronously, allowing students in many locations to access one web link for a virtual class session. Materials captured in Blackboard Collaborate™ can be posted directly to a Blackboard Learn™ course site.


Blackboard Learn™

Blackboard Learn Blackboard Learn™ is UIW's learning management system, or LMS. This system serves as a resource for faculty to make course materials available to students online. The materials include, but are not limited to: syllabi, course assignments, discussion boards, online assessments, etc. 


Blackboard Transact™

Blackboard Transact Blackboard Transact™ is used by the UIW administrative offices to manage student and employee financial transactions associated with bookstore credits for use at the UIW (Follet) bookstore, as well as board meals and meal plan points used at the food service (Sodexo) facilities on campus.


BOSSCars (Cardinal Cars)

BOSSCars Cardinal Cars is powered by BOSS SOFTWARE and is UIW's parking permit and ticket management system. All students, faculty, staff, and administrators are required to display valid parking permits in order to park their vehicles in UIW parking areas. 


CASHNet (UIW ePayment Center)

CASHNet Logo
CASHNet is the software solution used by UIW to manage the student online ePayment Center and organizational/departmental storefronts. The UIW ePayment Center allows students to:
° Make online tuition and fee payments,
° View bills and account information,
° Purchase commuter meal points for non-resident students, and
° View the 1098-T student tax form.
The UIW ePayment Center is accessible via the myWORD portal.



DSX Logo
The DSX system works in conjunction with the UIW ID card system to manage security access control to UIW facilities. The system is manage by Campus Police and the Office of Residence Life to provide students, faculty, and staff access to UIW buildings and rooms.


iTunes U

UIW on iTunes U
UIW maintains an iTunes U account where community members are able to post vodcasts and podcasts of lectures and other events unique to the institution.


myWORD Portal

myWORD logo
myWORD is the campus portal for UIW. myWORD is used by students, faculty, and staff to access enterprise systems through a single sign-on process (using UIW e-mail account username and password) based on Active Directory (AD) credentials. The UIW community members may use the myWORD portal to access tools such as Banner®, BannerWeb, CardinalMail, Blackboard, Cardinal Cars, social sites, and library resources. Portal functionality also provides a convenient password reset solution.



OrgSync Logo
OrgSync® is UIW's software solution for UIW organizations. Students and employees may access the OrgSync® site through the myWORD portal to join organizations or view upcoming campus events. Access to the OrgSync® site is also available via the University and Student Programs webpage.


Rave Alert

Rave Logo
Rave Alert is UIW's emergency notification system. Users may opt into this system, giving them the option to receive messages to their cell phones via text message and/or voicemail. 



StarRez Logo
StarRez is UIW's student housing portal system. The Office of Residence Life uses this software solution to manage campus housing applications and assignments. 



stoneware logo
Students have access to UIW's private cloud, stoneware®, which provides them with access to the latest Microsoft Office suite of programs and network storage anywhere, anytime.


Tableau Software®

Tableau Logo
Tableau Software® is used by UIW Institutional Research to provide the UIW community with an interactive business intelligence tool for historical data through a server called DASH.