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In the summer of 2017 the University began transitioning to a new managed print arrangement that fielded new cutting edge Xerox multi-function printers. All new print devices provide a full suite of capability including color and black&white printing, copying, and scan to email.  By the end of the 2018 school year, all printers across the University will be part of this program.

Print Capabilities

Students will print to the "UIW Print Anywhere" print queue.  This allows students to release their print job at ANY printer in the UIW Print program.  There are multiple ways to print providing flexibility.  All student print MUST be released using your Student ID card.  

1)  UIW Labs - All lab computers are directly connected to the UIW Print Anywhere queue.  Students simply swipe their ID after printing from a lab computer to release their print job.  Students can also release jobs by typing in their login credentials from the printer screen.  It is strongly recommend to use the ID card rather than typing in credentials.

2) Personal Devices - Students can map their personal computers (Mac or PC laptop) directly to the "UIW Print Anywhere" printer.  The instructions for setting up a personal computer are available here for PC and here for Mac.  This option is only available while on campus including from the residence halls.

3) Web Printing - Students are able to upload print jobs to the UIW Print Anywhere queue from any Internet connected computer.  As a result students can print from anywhere off campus and pick up their print job at any UIW Print connected printer.  Instructions for web print are available here.

4) Mobile Printing - Students can print directly from Smartphones, Tablets, and other similar mobile devices.  This feature will roll out early in the fall of 2017.

5) USB Printing - Students can print from USB devices by plugging into the printer and logging in.


Pricing for prints on ALL UIW owned Xerox devices will be charged on a per page basis as outlined below:

  Single Sided Double Sided
Black and White $.06 $.04
Color $.24 $.20

Note:  The default settings for all printers are black and white and double sided.  These settings can be changed when printing through printer properties. 

ADDING funds to your UIW print account

All students will begin the year with $1.00 in their UIW print account.  Students add money to their print account through the UIW MyWord Portal using a credit, debit, or prepaid card. Click here for instructions on adding money.

The GoPrint system will no longer be in operation.  If students have GoPrint cards with value on them, they can transfer this value into the new system by visiting the Library circulation desk or the Help Desk.



This section contains written and video instructions for various components of the UIW print Program.


Connecting a Non-UIW PC to the UIW Print program

Connecting a Mac (UIW and non UIW) to the UIW Print Program

Using UIW Web Print functionality printed instructions OR video instructions

How to update default printer properties:  printed Mac instructions, PC instructions OR Mac video, PC video

How students add money to their UIW Print Account printed instructions OR video instructions

How to operate the touch screen on the UIW Print devices video

How to obtain service on a UIW Print device video