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UIW Residential & Academic Network Changes

Summer 2017

Information Resources is proud to announce that significant upgrades of the University network infrastructure have been accomplished over the summer. The effort focused on increasing capacity and speed, tightening network security, improving wifi performance in the residence halls, and ensuring reliability for faculty, staff and students.

NETWORK UPGRADE -  Core network infrastructure devices and the University’s primary internet connection have been completely re-engineered.  To be completed in August, these changes will increase network bandwidth by 10 times allowing the University to better leverage modern web based applications and services.  Additionally, this upgrade provides enhanced security features to help keep UIW information safe.  Users do not need to do anything to enjoy this upgrade.

WIRELESS NETWORKS - The names of the UIW wireless networks are changing. The new networks are designed with improved user experience in mind and will help UIW meet the growing demand for wireless connectivity.  The previous networks such as “uiwtx-wpa” will be shutdown on the 6th of August.  Afterward, the new wireless networks are:

  • uiw-employees (connectivity for all employees anywhere across UIW)
  • uiw-students (connectivity for students in residence halls and academic buildings)
  • uiw-guests (provides connectivity through a registration portal…good for 24 hours per registration)
  • uiw-resnet-limited (only in residence halls for gaming consoles and similar devices)

RESIDENCE HALL NETWORKS – Network connectivity for all resident hall students is now provided through UIW rather than a 3rd party.  To support this transition, an upgraded residential network was constructed. The wifi in all residence halls offers twice as much coverage and provides better signal strength and reliability in all areas as well as up to 10 times the network speed for students.  For more detailed information please refer to

It is important to note that UIW offers a private residential and academic network and cannot permit digital copyright violations.  As such, UIW is obligated to block peer-to-peer file sharing activities on the network (i.e. applications such as KaZaa, BitTorrent, LimeWire and others that facilitate the sharing of digital music and video files in violation of U.S. copyright laws will be blocked.) UIW will report allegations of copyright violations received from DMCA, RIAA, MPAA, HBO, Sony, or other to the Associate Dean of Judicial Affairs. Students who violate copyright laws may be subject to disciplinary or criminal actions.