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Some of the top known problems and their solutions

Despite our best efforts in preparation and testing, some individuals could see issues that they are not expecting.  We have captured a few more common problems below.


1.  Problem:  I send an email to a user, but it gets rejected right away with an error that looks like this below.

 Error With email address

2.  Solution:  Outlook is remembering an old legacy email address type that is not used anymore.  You must delete the "auto-complete" email that pops up when typing the users name.  Simply type their name, and when it comes up click the "X" to the right of their name to delete.  Next time, select the users name by clicking the "To" box and looking them up.  From that point forward, the user email will function correctly.  If you have several emails like this it is advisable to clear the entire auto-complete cache by following instructions posted here for Windows.


 1. Problem:  I am trying to share my calendar with someone by I see a red circle by their name and the system shows an error message box stating that you cannot share with non-local accounts.


2.  Solution:  In order to have full calendar sharing the other user must be migrated to Office 365 as well.  In the coming weeks all users will be migrated and as soon as that individual is complete then sharing will work.