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If a school or division has an event or activity that would merit rescheduling they should contact Neil Schroeder @ or 805-2300 to reschedule.


UPDATED:  June 13th, 2017

As of the 13th of June the UIW migration to Office 365 is effectively complete.  Any remaining issues or migrations will be handled on a case by case basis.


11 June 2017 - Accounts that were not previously migrated part 3

4 June 2017 - Accounts that were not previously migrated part 2

30 May 2017 - Accounts that were not previously migrated part 1

25 May 2017 - Office of the President

25 May 2017 - IWHS

25 May 2017 - SACHS 

23 May 2017 - All offices under VP for Business and Finance

21 May 2017 - All offices under VP for Enrollment and Student Services

18 May 2017 - Institutional Advancement

18 May 2017 - International Affairs

17 May 2017 - Office of the Provost

17 May 2017 - General Counsel and Human Resources

17 May 2017 - School of Nursing and Health Professions

16 May 2017 - Research and Graduate Studies

16 May 2017 - Feik School of Pharmacy

16 May 2017 - Rosenberg School of Optometry

14 May 2017 - All Extended Academic Programs

7 May 2017 - Dreeben School of Education

4 May 2017 - School of Osteopathic Medicine

4 May 2017 - Mission and Ministry

30 April 2017 - College of Humanities, Arts and Social Science

20 April 2017 - HEB School of Business Administration

20 April 2017 - School of Math, Science and Engineering

20 April 2017 - Institutional Research

18 April 2017 - Grants Accounting

6 April 2017: School of Media and Design

23 March 2017:  Public Relations

8 March 2017:  School of Physical Therapy

2 March 2017:  Office 365 Ambassadors

22 Feb 2017:  All Information Resources Division


February 3th - 20th - All Information Resources Division personnel migrated to Office 365.  Staff members begin finish extensive testing and provide more feedback. 

February 20th - March 9th - Office 365 Ambassador migration, testing, and feedback period.  This important step will help IRD squash any remaining bugs and ensure we are providing the information everyone at UIW will need to have a successful migration experience. 

Ambassadors have been identified but if you are interested in moving early and can weather a technology "hiccup" or two we would be glad to work on migrating you early.  Space and support is limited for this beta testing effort. 

March 10th - Microsoft Trainer On-Site for morning and afternoon sessions

  • Microsoft is providing an Office 365 Expert to offer comprehensive training to IRD and Ambassadors.  These sessions will be broken into a morning and afternoon session.  Instructions for sign up will be coming shortly.  



 How do we initiate the migration?

Users will not need to do anything.  IRD will send a follow up email to each department or school before their migration starts.  All migrations will start at approximately 7 PM on the day listed.

How long will take to setup and migrate my e-mail?

The process to migrate an average mailbox actually takes up to 1 hour per person.  The migration process moves many users simultaneously but large offices could see longer migration windows extending into the night of migration. During this process users should refrain from actively using email.

What happens?

There will be no indication that the migration is happening until the end when you would be prompted to re-enter credentials in Microsoft Outlook.

The morning after each area's migration date, IRD will have personnel available on site to work through any issues that may arise.  Additionally the help desk is aware, trained and prepared to assist as this effort progresses. 

Please refer to the After Migration tab to additional steps that users will need to complete.