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How to Prepare for Office 365

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Don't take all your junk to the cloud!  Now is time to take a few minutes to clean up some of that old email.  The more you get rid of now, the smoother and quicker your migration will go.

  1. Clean out your Deleted Items and Junk E-mail folders
    • We strongly encourage all employees to empty their deleted items folder and Junk mail folder in Microsoft Outlook. Simple "Right Click" on each folder and choose "Empty Folder." That's all there is to it!
  2. Locate and review archived E-mail that you wish to keep
    • If you have archived email stored locally with ".psts," now is a good time review what you would like to keep.  You will now have a large mailbox and will be able to migrate all of that mail into your new email account, however our some initial Office 365 testers provided feedback that they had a large amount of email that they no longer needed to retain.  
  3. Start identifying all the files that you will want to store in OneDrive
    •  By summer of 2017 all UIW employee files should be consolidated to your OneDrive.  This includes files you may have stored on a local hard drive, on a personal DropBox (or other cloud storage), on a personal "I" drive or other network location.  If you know where all your files are stored and have access to them you will be able to move them to the cloud more easily.
  4. Review your filenames for "prohibited characters." 
    • OneDrive cannot have filenames with the following symbols: \, /, :, *, ?, ", <, >, |, #, % (Microsoft is working on removing this limitation soon).  To rename a file simply right click and select "Rename"  to remove the offending character.  If you have hundreds or thousands of files with these characters, you can download and run the OneDrive Character Fix application by clicking here.  This program only works on Windows computers at this time.
  5. If time allows, review the training resources on this website to get yourself familiar with the new capabilities of Office 365.