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You may want to access your email and other documents easily from a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android Phone.  With the move to Office 365 you will have more capability than ever before!

The apps below can be found in the Apple and Google app stores by simply typing in the name underlined.  Even though there are a variety of mobile operating systems, most can be configured to work by ensuring server settings are set to, and setting the username to your UIW email address.

Office 365 Related Smartphone / Tablet Apps

  • Reset iPhone mail
  • Outlook - Enhanced highly integrated e-mail and calendar client
  • OneDrive - Access all your files on your mobile device, edit, attach to emails, etc.
  • Skype for Business (different that standard Skype app) - Particpate in instant message, voice chat, video conferences on the go
  • OneNote - Take notes in a free form context including adding pictures, drawing, etc.
  • PowerPoint - Edit PowerPoints on a mobile device
  • Word - Edit Word documents on a mobile device
  • Excel - Edit Excel spreadsheets on a mobile device
  • Sway - Newer presentation software that is more multimedia friendly than PowerPoint
  • Office Lens - Easily scan documents, whiteboards, or other items and integrate into Office
  • Office Groups - Manage groups and group content
  • Delve - Find documents or items you may be interested in across UIW