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Office365 Update and Important Dates You Need to Know

The Information Resources Division is pleased to report that the implementation of the Microsoft Office365 productivity suite of applications is successfully completed for all members of the UIW community. While there are several innovative apps to explore and to adopt into your day-to-day activities, training offerings to the community and support efforts for the next few months will focus on:

  • Outlook web email
  • Personal and room resource calendaring
  • OneDrive personal and shared file storage
  • Using Groups and Forms

Look for regular announcements on training opportunities in the daily Word or go to the training and tutorials page.

We call your attention to the following important dates for which you will want to be prepared: 

By May 1, 2018 – all UIW-related electronic files should be uploaded to an individual or shared OneDrive folder.  Files created or used in the context of your employment with UIW should be stored within the UIW information architecture. OneDrive is now the university’s digital file storage service under contract. Personal and consumer-grade cloud services are not within the university’s prescribed architecture and business use of such services should be discontinued. If off-line access (no Internet connection) to your files is desired, then download the OneDrive client for your Windows or Macintosh computer and synchronize the file folders.  Tablet and smart phone access to your cloud OneDrive is secure and easy with a wifi connection.  UIW-related files residing in the following possible locations or other locations, should be moved to a OneDrive folder. Want to know more? Sign up for one of the training sessions by clicking here.

  • UIW LAN drives (e.g. in the past an H:\\ drive was assigned to many users to store files)
    • LAN individual H:\\ drives will be unmapped by May 11th 2018.
  • Dropbox consumer-owned cloud storage
  • GoogleDrive consumer-owned cloud storage
  • Local drives on UIW or personally-owned computers

For assistance with a comprehensive migration of your files or any questions you may have, contact the Help Desk at or 210.829.2721.