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Evisions MAPS Server Issue

Posted: August 19, 2016  |  by Joanna Arredondo
Filed Under: IRD Outages

UPDATE 2:00PM 8/20 - The Evisions MAPS Server Issue has been resolved in Production. Testing of the resolution was completed successfully by Enterprise Applications & Departmental Testing Coordinators. Please contact the Help Desk at 210-829-2721 or if you encounter any issues. Thank you.




Date: 8/19/2016

Time: 11:25 am


We are experiencing issues with the Evisions MAPS system which is hosted on the Aries server. At this time, the reported problems are related to the Formfusion product which is used to print transcripts, bills, and student schedules. Due to the start of school and increased usage of this product, the problem surfaced and has affected operations in Advising, Registrar, and Business Office. As a side-effect, the Evisions Argos reporting tool is also affected when the server reaches capacity.


At this time, the vendor has not been able to determine a permanent solution but has recommended we roll back the Formfusion product version to 4.6 (currently at 5.1).  Our current architecture has the three products (Formfusion, Intellecheck, and Argos) on the same server and they are all on version 5.1.  The vendor is recommending that we separate the Formfusion product from the other two an roll back Formfusion to version 4.6.    This will require that we build two new servers (test and prod), migrate Formfusion to the standalone server, and then rollback the Formfusion product to 4.6.  The Argos and Intellecheck products would remain on version 5.1. 


We have reached out to Infrastructure with the specifications for the two servers and are awaiting an estimate on delivery time.  Once we have the servers standing, we will proceed to separate the products, end-user test, and release to production upon successful testing.  


 Affected Sites:


• Financial Aid

• Registrar

• Business Office

• Purchasing

• Advising


In the interim, each analyst is working with their end user groups to determine potential work arounds until the environment is stabilized. I will ensure the administrative offices are all aware of the issue and send updates as we work towards a resolution.


Thank you.





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