International Studies

International Studies Course Descriptions

Introduction to International Studies (INTL 1310)
This course introduces students to various themes in International Studies through the examination of the ways different disciplines address issues central to the field of International Studies. Students will gain exposure to different ways of studying and researching that will guide them in their study of International Studies and the fostering of a global perspective. 

International Studies Colloquium (INTL 3110)
This course provides an opportunity for students to synthesize the interdisciplinary nature of their course of studies. Students, working with their program advisor, will work to integrate the methods and theories they are defining and developing in their international studies course work and apply them to their studies in the INST curriculum. This is a one-hour course to be taken for two semesters. Prerequisite: INST 1310.

International Studies Capstone (INTL 4390)
This course serves as the capstone course for a Major in International Studies. Students will examine and analyze the ways different cultures, histories, political institutions and economic systems interact. This course also addresses the multiple disciplines and issues encompassed in International Studies and its related scholarship. Students will participate in extensive research and discussions that will allow them to synthesize the varied aspects of international institutions, policies, relations, and related themes. Prerequisites: INST 1310 and INST 3100.

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